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G - Games   2PT - 2-Pointers Made   3PT - 3-Pointers Made   FTM - Free Throws Made   FTA - Free Throws Attempted   FT% - Free Throw Percentage   PF - Personal Fouls   PTS - Points   PPG - Points Per Game   MVP - Most Valuable Player  
24110Jack VERGEWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks822461540.0%9627.81
24231Josh DAVISWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks95822182766.7%520022.25
24232Brian GLEESONWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks16340132944.8%22815.12
24233Dan HIRONSWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks5901616.7%5193.80
24234John McGOWNWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks31603475.0%33511.70
24235Matt NICEWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks4214850.0%3112.80
24236Andy RICHARDSONWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks7430254456.8%711115.94
24237Pierrick RODRIGUEZWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks6701250.0%3152.51
24238Benjamin SISMANWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks41514850.0%7379.30
24239Matt VICARAGEWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks14395173943.6%131107.92
24257Tim PLUMRIDGEWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks41304850.0%12307.51
24258Carl BROWNWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks9223101471.4%19637.01
24259Simon BAKERWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks8143020.0%12374.60
24259Matthew PERKINSWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks97041526.7%11182.00
24260Oliver GANFIELDWEBBA MensDivision 3Nailsea Nighthawks129281457.1%9322.70

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